Wednesday, January 18, 2017

U.S. Vice President Biden: 'Liberal International World Order' Is At Risk Of Collapse

Time: Joe Biden Is Warning About the Collapse of the ‘World Order’ as He Says Goodbye

"This is a moment to lead boldly"

Vice President Joe Biden warned Wednesday that the “liberal international world order” is at risk of collapse, using his final speech to global leaders to frame the stakes on the world stage as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office.

Biden urged leaders in Europe and the U.S. to defend democracies against dangers that he said include Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden, in remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland reported by CNBC, said Putin “has a different vision of the future,” and he accused the Russian leader of trying to “roll back decades of progress.”

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Gambia's President Refuses To Relinquish Power

NYT: Gambia Shudders as Defeated Leader Tightens Grip Before Inauguration

BANJUL, Gambia — President Yahya Jammeh once predicted that his rule could last a billion years.

Now, the fate of his nation is hanging on one more anxiety-filled day.

After acknowledging defeat in an election last month, Mr. Jammeh abruptly changed his mind, refusing to step aside for the inauguration of the new president scheduled for Thursday and threatening to drag the nation into a bloody standoff.

Mr. Jammeh, who has long been criticized for human rights abuses and grandiose claims like being able to cure AIDS with little more than prayer and a banana, has insisted on a do-over election. He declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, warning the nation not to engage in any “acts of disobedience.”

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World News Briefs -- January 18, 2017

Reuters: Iraq special forces chief says mission accomplished in east Mosul

Elite Iraqi forces have driven Islamic State fighters from all districts of eastern Mosul they were tasked with recapturing, their commanding officer said on Wednesday, bringing almost all of the city's eastern half under government control.

Lieutenant-General Talib Shaghati said the Counter Terrorism Services (CTS), who have spearheaded the three-month-old offensive against Islamic State in the northern Iraqi city, had taken control of the eastern bank of the Tigris river.

Regular army troops were still fighting the ultra-hardline militants in northeast Mosul, however, according to a military statement.

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Mosul battle: Iraqi army prepares offensive on west of city. Iraqi general sees easier battles in western Mosul, American sees opposite.

As caliphate crumbles, Islamic State lashes out in Iraq.

Iran 'hostile' to US involvement in Syria talks.

Syrian government rejects Qatari, Saudi role in talks: report.

Turkey seeks arrest of 243 military personnel in ongoing crackdown.

Fatah and Hamas to form unity government.

Israeli policeman and Bedouin killed during clashes over demolitions.

Saudi Minister welcomes Trump's vow to contain Iran, fight IS.

Iran's Rouhani says Donald Trump's talk about renegotiating nuclear agreement 'meaningless'.


Pakistan forces kill new leader of banned sectarian militant group.

India's currency swap sees economy take a hit, but most remain supportive of anti-graft objective.

Prospect of warming US-Russia ties worries China.

China urges U.S. to bar Taiwan delegation from Trump inauguration.

Philippines' Duterte says won't declare martial law, but can if wants to.

Philippine Church speaks out on drug killings.

E. Timor to hold presidential poll in March.

Australia says suspended MH370 search could resume in future.


Nigerian airstrike targeting Boko Haram mistakenly bombs camp, killing 100 refugees and aid workers: officials.

Death toll in Mali suicide blast rises to more than 50. Mali car bomb 'kills at least 37 people' in Gao. Suicide blast kills 33 at north Mali military camp.

Al-Shabab video shows purported execution of Ugandan soldier.

Gambia's Yahya Jammeh declares state of emergency.

Malta wants EU-Libyan patrols to stop boat migrants.

Ivory Coast begins paying bonuses to mutinous soldiers.

Egyptian football star Mohamed Aboutrika placed on 'terror' list.


Joe Biden tells Davos: Russia 'trying to collapse' liberal order. Biden calls Russia biggest threat to international order.

Snowden just got his asylum extended, surely won’t be ‘gifted’ to Trump – Moscow. Edward Snowden's leave to remain in Russia extended for three years.

Details of roundup of suspected Chechen extremists unclear, contradictory.

Greece sees progress on Cyprus, says Turkey should drop 'aggressive' talk.

German cabinet proposes 24 September election date.

Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs.

Multiple earthquakes hit central Italy.


Despite showman reputation, Trump inauguration shaping up as low-key.

Schedule of events for Trump's inauguration.

Trump's protectionist policies top risk to U.S. economy in 2017: Reuters poll.

With clemency for Manning, attention turns to WikiLeaks head.

Ex-US president George H.W. Bush hospitalized: reports.

US, Mexico, Cuba ready to sign 'Doughnut Hole' deal in Gulf waters.

Mexico violence: Four killed in Cancun gunfight.


Pentagon identifies 10 Gitmo detainees sent to Oman.

The White House won't rule out more Guantanamo releases this week.

Istanbul nightclub attacker says was directed by Islamic State: report.


Rising U.S. shale-oil output threatens OPEC’s production pact.

OPEC output inches down after November deal.

Business group: China preparing to retaliate on trade.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 18, 2017

Russian Paratroopers

War Is Boring: Russian Paratroopers Could Totally Mess Up the Baltic States

Airborne soldiers bring the element of the surprise

In February 2016, the influential RAND Corporation — a think tank closely aligned with the U.S. Air Force — published a paper in which it warned that a Russian invasion of the Baltic States could reach the capitals of Latvia and Estonia in less than three days even with a week of warning.

But that might underestimate how quickly Russia could overrun the region, were the Kremlin to send the bulk of its airborne forces and seize the element of surprise. It’s possible a Russian victory could come within hours, not days.

How would such an invasion unfold? A missile barrage and air strikes at dawn, crippling the Baltic States’ defenses, would precede a large-scale airborne operation supported by a small-scale land intrusion into Lithuania from Russia’s enclave in Kaliningrad.

Before the alliance could understand — let alone react to — what was happening, it’d be over.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 18, 2017

What Happens Next In The Baltics? -- Claude Schmid, The Bridge

Russian military conducts successful test launch of Topol-M ballistic missile (VIDEO) -- RT

Russia test-fires Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile -- UPI

Russia's Lethal Su-35 Was Just Spotted Armed with a New Missile NATO Should Fear -- National Interest

The Smart and Sneaky Way Russia's Military Is Getting Stronger -- James Mugg, National Interest

Russia, Military Modernisation and Lowering the Nuclear Threshold -- Malcolm Davis, The Strategist

Pentagon Chief Says Russia’s Actions Constrain Cooperation -- Bloomberg

Why the New Japan-Australia Military Pact Matters -- The Diplomat

Japan’s F-35B stealth fighters likely to fly to Korea during ROK-U.S. joint drills -- The Dong-A Ilbo

Leak of information about shipbuilding plans behind removal of senior Canadian military officer, sources say -- National Post/Ottawa Citizen

Canada's military vice-chief removed from post over alleged leak of shipbuilding data -- Globe and Mail

Lithuania signs agreement with U.S. on troop deployment -- AP

McCain proposes $640B defense budget for 2018 -- The Hill

The U.S. Army's New Super Missile Could Dominate the Land Wars of the Future -- Kris Osborn, National Interest

The US Air Force is beefing up cybersecurity for the F-22 and F-35 -- Business Insider

Digital Light Engine technology to illuminate F-22 Head-Up Display -- BAE Systems

The F-35 Amazingly Has Even More Problems Than We Thought -- Gizmodo

If Trump Wants Lower F-35 Costs, He Should Compete F135 Engine -- Breaking Defense

Top Navy leader: F-35 'on a completely different level' from the Super Hornet -- Washington Examiner

Military jet crashes at Naval Air Station Meridian; 2 eject -- Navy Times

Trump and Boeing CEO Look to Downscale Requirements on Air Force One Replacement -- Defense News

Air Force-SpaceX Relations ‘Excellent,’ Air Force Sec James Says -- Bloomberg

Russia Jammed Your Satellites? US Military Develops Undersea Network as Backup --

In the 1970s, the U.S. Navy Tried to Talk Like Whales -- Atlas Obscura

The US Army successfully flies its hoverbike prototype -- Endgadget

CIA makes 12 million declassified pages available online -- DW

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's prison sentence, pardons Gen. James Cartwright -- Military Times

The US Air Force spent $387,000 to make the lobby outside a 3-star general's office look nice -- Business Insider

Mattis Is Right. Here’s Why NATO Is Not Obsolete -- Task & Purpose

NATO’s Future – Grim or Hopeful? -- Jaroslaw Strozyk, Thew Cipher Brief

Air Superiority: Autonomy, Survivability, and Getting to 2030 -- Alex Grynkewich, War on the Rocks

US Ambassador To The UN Samantha Power Attacks Russia And Defends The Intel Community

CNN: Obama UN rep rips Russia, rejects attack on intel agencies

Washington (CNN)US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power on Tuesday rapped President-elect Donald Trump for his defense of Moscow and delivered a stark warning about Russian efforts to undermine the international order.

Power's remarks, at the Washington-based Atlantic Council, are just the latest warning by outgoing Obama administration officials of the need to be wary of Russian intentions as Trump repeatedly asserts his desire for better ties with Moscow, sometimes criticizing US intelligence services in the process.

Power made indirect reference to Trump, who denigrated US intelligence agencies after their conclusion that Russia had hacked the US election in an attempt to undermine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

"What is not healthy is for a party or its leaders to cast doubt on a unanimous, well-documented assessment of our intelligence community that a foreign government is seeking to harm our country," Power said.

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Update: U.S. ambassador to U.N. says Russia tearing down global order (Reuters).

WNU Editor: She gave this speech at the Atlantic Council .... a perfect place if you want to rip Russia.

Can The U.S. Army Be Crushed In A Devastating Land War With Russia Or China?

US army soldiers patrol as they conduct an ambush drill as part of the Filipino-US joint military exercises inside a Philippine army camp in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, north of Manila (Reuters/Romeo Ranoco) / Reuters

Kris Osborn, National Interest: The U.S. Army's Biggest Fear: Getting Crushed in a Devastating Land War to Russia or China

After more than a decade of counterinsurgency warfare, the Army is now emphasizing major force-on-force mechanized warfare against Russia or Chinese weapons around the world.

The global proliferation of Russian and Chinese weapons massively increases the likelihood that US Army forces will confront tanks, drones, electronic warfare systems, precision munitions, armored vehicles and artillery made by near-peer competitors.

Although the prospect of major-power mechanized ground war between the US and Russia or China may not seem likely, the US Army is tasked with the need to be ready for any ground-combat scenario. What this means, Army leaders expained, is that the current and future combat environment the globe is both increasingly urban and armed with Russian and Chinese-made tanks and weapons.

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WNU Editor: I am sure the U.S. Army is ready to wage conventional warfare .... even against potential adversaries like Russia or China. But the casualty numbers will be beyond astronomic .... even if no nuclear weapons are used. And in the event that the U.S. Army is losing .... expect the nukes to come out.

Is The Incoming Trump Administration Ready To Handle A National Security Emergency?

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, during a national security roundtable meeting at Trump Tower in New York, Aug. 17, 2016. Trump, received his first classified briefing on Wednesday since becoming the Republican nominee, according to a person briefed on the meeting. (Damon Winter/The New York Times)

Michael Crowley, Politico: Is Trump ready for a national security crisis?

Personnel gaps across security and defense bodies has stoked concerns that the new administration could get caught flat-footed.

The abrupt withdrawal of a top Trump National Security Council appointee and the dozens of high-level personnel holes across key foreign policy and defense agencies have national security experts posing a dark question: Will Donald Trump be ready to manage a national security crisis from Day One?

Sources close to the transition describe Trump’s national security staffing as a “black box,” leaving everyone from Obama administration officials to Trump job seekers and foreign diplomats guessing at who will land crucial positions shaping policy and managing crises.

Much of the speculation focuses on the NSC, which plays the vital role of coordinating foreign policy and national security within the White House. NSC aides refine and advise the president on competing policy options generated throughout the federal government.

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WNU Editor: In the even that a national security crisis does occur .... I expect President Trump to do the same thing that previous Presidents have done .... be a very quick learner on what he can (and cannot) do.

What Will Be President Trump's Policy And Strategy In Afghanistan?

Martin Fleischer and Charles Elkins, The Diplomat: Trump and Afghanistan: The Unwelcome Obligation

When Donald Trump takes office on January 20, he will inherit an immensely problematic country and region.

President-elect Donald Trump has so far been ambiguous regarding how he plans to deal with the volatile security situation in Afghanistan and the sensitive geopolitical balance in the region.

In an interview in 2012, Trump argued the United States should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and use aid dollars to rebuild the U.S. instead. Recently, mounting costs have led analysts to question whether Trump would withdraw the remaining 8,400 American security forces. Nevertheless, Trump called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on December 2, reportedly reaffirming the U.S. commitment to Afghanistan. This apparent shift in Trump’s position, along with the recent deployment by the current administration of 300 U.S. Marines to Afghanistan’s Helmand province, is a positive indication that Washington is set to sustain its commitment to see through the stabilization of the country.

There remains a great deal at stake and when Trump takes office on January 20, he will inherit an immensely problematic country and region, which he will have little choice but deal with effectively if he is to stay true to his word and continue the war on terror.

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An Afghan agenda for Trump -- The Hindu
Trump Inherits ‘The Good War’ -- Emran Feroz, Defense One/The Atlantic

President Trump Will Need To Address North Korea's Missile And Nuclear Threat Quickly

James Robbins, US News and World Report: North Korea Hasn't Gone Away

The Trump administration needs a strategy to deal with the Hermit Kingdom, sooner rather than later.

How long can the world tolerate a country that goes out of its way to present itself as a threat?

North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, welcomed the new year with a declaration that his military was on the verge of testing an intercontinental ballistic missile—one which presumably could reach anywhere in the world.

The Obama administration had no particular response to the statement except to reiterate that "the intelligence community has previously said that the United States has not seen North Korea test or demonstrate the ability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and put it on an ICBM" and that this assessment has not changed. President-elect Donald Trump's reaction was more definitive, saying via Twitter, "North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won't happen!"

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North Korea vows to pursue weapons development, condemns new sanctions -- UPI
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Analysis: What Will Trump Do About North Korea’s Kim Jong Un? -- Bill Neely, NBC
Can Trump Enforce His Red Line on North Korea? -- James Acton, The Atlantic
In China, North Korea, Trump admin drawing a dangerous 'red line' -- The Hill
Will Trump Attack North Korea? -- Doug Bandow, National Interest

Pentagon Is Preparing A List Of Options For President Trump To Accelerate The War Against The Islamic State

CNN: Pentagon readies aggressive ISIS proposals for Trump

Washington (CNN)The Defense Department is prepared to provide the new administration with military options to accelerate the war against ISIS in Syria that could send additional US troops into direct combat, CNN has learned.

These options would inherently increase the risk for US troops compared to what President Barack Obama was willing to accept.

The options will be ready for President-elect Donald Trump to consider as soon as he takes office and would be presented by James Mattis as the new defense secretary and Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They would have the final say on any details being briefed to the new president for his approval.

Options to deal with other hotspots, including Iran, are also being prepared, according to the defense official.

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Update #1: ‘We have to end it’: Trump takes over Islamic State fight, vowing to finish it (Washington Post).
Update #2: Obama’s Stark Options on ISIS: Arm Syrian Kurds or Let Trump Decide (NYT)

WNU Editor: It looks like the outgoing Obama administration is making the decision for him .... U.S. increasing airdrops of supplies to forces battling ISIL in Syria (US News and World Report).

These Are The 9 Foreign Policy Issues That President Trump Will Have To Face

WNU Editor: This is a good summary from the Washington Post .... 9 foreign policy issues the Trump administration will have to face (Washington Post).

Tweet For Today

Chinese President Xi Jinping Defends Globalization In His First-Ever Speech At The World Economic Forum At Davos

Reuters: In Davos, Xi makes case for Chinese leadership role

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered a vigorous defense of free trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday in a speech that underscored Beijing's desire to play a greater global role as the United States turns inward.

In the first appearance by a Chinese leader at the annual meeting of political leaders, CEOs and bankers in the Swiss Alps, Xi also cautioned other countries against blindly pursuing their national interests, in an apparent reference to the "America first" policies of Donald Trump.

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WNU Editor: If you have an hour to spare .... his speech at Davos is below.

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Xi addresses Davos forum for first time to advance global growth, governance -- Xinhuanet
As US looks inward, China seeks a lead role on world stage -- AP
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China’s Xi Jinping Seizes Role as Leader on Globalization -- WSJ
China’s Xi Lectures Trump on Globalization and Climate Change -- NBC
China's Xi Jinping Defends Globalization In First-Ever Speech At World Economic Forum -- NPR
Davos: China's Xi invokes Gettysburg Address in defense of free trade -- USA Today
Xi vs. Trump: Chinese leader praises globalization, warns of trade wars at tony Davos summit -- Washington Times
Chinese president defends globalization, free trade -- The Hill
China’s President Supports Free Trade at World Economic Meeting -- VOA
World leaders find hope for globalization in Davos amid populist revolt -- Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post

Update: President Xi's full speech is below.

Picture Of The Day

(Click on Image to Enlarge)
Huge billboard in Tehran commemorates the capture of the US sailors over a year ago. h/t @potkazar

WNU Editor: This is not going to help in fostering better U.S. - Iranian ties.

Hat Tip: Zero Hedge

US Air Force F-16 Spotted In A Mock Dogfight With A Russian SU-27 Fighter Above Area 51

(Click on Image to Enlarge)
This is the moment a US Air Force F-16 was photographed involved in a mock dogfight with a Russian SU-27 fighter

Daily Mail: Is this proof America is preparing for war with Russia? US plane is spotted in a mock dogfight with a Russian jet above the top secret Area 51 base

* EXCLUSIVE: The US Air Force conducted a mock dogfight using a Russian fighter jet above Area 51 in Nevada
* The 'enemy' jet was a single-seat Sukhoi SU-27P, which is used by the Russian and Chinese air forces
* The Sukhoi was intercepted by an F-16 fighter operating out of the nearby Nellis Air Force Base
* The two jets fought each other for 25 minutes at altitudes ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 feet

These are the amazing scenes which show a Russian-built fighter jet taking on a US Air Force F-16 in a mock dogfight - in what could be a sign that America is preparing for the possibility of war with Moscow.

The images were captured by air traffic controller Phil Drake in the skies above Area 51 in Nevada, one of the world's most secret military bases, on the day Donald Trump was elected President.

According to Drake, the aircraft in the photographs are a single seater Sukhoi Su-27P and America's veteran F-16.

He was visiting the desert surrounding Area 51 on November 8, the day of the Presidential election. He hoped to see some fast jets involved in a training mission.

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WNU Editor: This is something that you do not see everyday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is China's Air Force Just A 'Paper Tiger'?

A J-31 stealth fighter (background) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force lands on a runway after a flying performance at the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Nov 11, 2014. The president of China's top aircraft maker said on Tuesday that China's new stealth fighter could certainly "take down" its opponent in the sky, referring to its US-made counterpart. Reuters

Kris Osborn, National Interest: China's Air Force: Just a Paper Tiger (Or Ready for War with America)?

China Unveiled its New 5th-Generation J-31 Stealth Fighter in November of 2014.

Tensions in the South China Sea and continued warnings about Chinese militarization of the disputed areas has led many Pentagon planners and analysts to sharpen focus on Chinese Air Force acquisitions and technological advances.

The U.S. Air Force’s technological air power superiority over China is rapidly diminishing in light of rapid Chinese modernization of fighter jets, missiles, air-to-air weapons, cargo planes and stealth aircraft, according to analysts, Pentagon officials and a Congressional review released several years ago.

The 2014 U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission recommended that Congress appoint an outside panel of experts to assess the U.S.-Chinese military balance and make recommendations regarding U.S. military plans and budgets, among other things.Despite being released in 2014, the findings of the report - if slightly dated - offer a detailed and insightful window into Chinese Air Force technology progress and development.

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WNU Editor: For the Chinese .... everything is a work of progress with a long term view. They may have been a "paper tiger" 20 years ago, but they will certainly not be 20 years from now.

China's Top Generals Are Being Reshuffled Or Replaced In A Major Shakeup Of The Military

Chinese President Xi Jinping (C front) greets military officers at a meeting in Beijing, Jan. 29, 2015. Xinhua

South China Morning Post: China’s veteran generals fading out in massive PLA reshuffle

Changes to come ahead of 19th National Congress as President Xi Jinping consolidates his power.

China’s military is stepping up the pace of a massive reshuffle among its leadership ahead of a Communist Party congress later this year as President Xi Jinping consolidates his power within the armed forces, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Nearly 50 senior officers are due to leave their positions as part of the shake-up, including 18 full-ranking generals, two independent sources told the South China Morning Post.

The coming changes are aimed at promoting a new generation of officers, with veterans giving way to younger talent to take over the leadership, one source said.

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More News On Changes Coming To The Chinese Military As International Tensions Rise

Nearly 50 High-Ranking Chinese Military Officials to Step Down in 2017 -- Sputnik
War Between China and Japan? Chinese Military Warns About Foreign Spying As South China Sea Conflict Heats Up -- IBTimes
Top Chinese Leadership to Reshuffle in 2017 -- Epoch Times
Walk, Don't Run: Chinese Military Reforms in 2017 -- War on the Rocks
Military Reforms Indicate China's Readiness for Geopolitical Standoff With US -- Sputnik
After Tillerson’s Talk About South China Sea, Beijing Threatens ‘War’ -- Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast

China State TV Says Its Military Can Reach New Delhi In 48 Hours

The Chinese and Indian armies ended their joint anti-terrorism training with a live fire drill on November 13, 2013, in southwest China's Sichuan province. ( Yuan)

Sameeksha Khare, The Quint: Can China’s Army Really Reach Delhi in 2 Days? Nope, Say Experts

“It would take China's motorised troops 48 hours and its paratroops 10 hours to reach India's capital if war broke out,” a Chinese State television channel boldly proclaimed.

This is not the first time China has tried to use rhetoric as a deterrence strategy but it comes as probably the first one that is so specific. Interestingly, this also comes on the back of Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat’s pointed comment on honing India’s Cold Start strategy for Pakistan.

Does the Chinese state TV’s statement come as nothing more than a deterrence tool, or are the claims viable?

Read more ....

More News On China State TV Claiming That Its Military Can Reach New Delhi In 48 Hours

China state TV says its troops can reach Delhi in 48 hours; Indian Twitterati cracks up -- Indian Express
In Case Of War With India, Chinese Army Will Capture Delhi In 2 Days, Claims Chinese Television -- Topyaps
China can enter New Delhi in just 48 hours in case of war: Chinese state TV -- Daily Pakistan
2.5 billion people, nukes and missiles. What could go wrong? -- Joshua Berlinger, CNN